Where to get virgin coconut oil in singapore*

Guidelines for Selecting Virgin Coconut Oil in Singapore

There are things you should look for in choosing among the many brands:

Firstly, I suggest virgin coconut oil rather than RBD oil or non-virgin RBD means bleached, refined and perfumed If food is subjected to minimal processing, this raises the nutritional component and makes it healthier

Second, look for a glass bottle with a long neck which allows precise and easy pouring With this type of packaging, say goodbye to splash, spills and careless measurements

Majority of coconut oil available for sale are in jars as is it sold to four weathered climate like Europe, North America and Australia This presents a problem as when you dip your spoon inside the jar it may be wet or dirty When coconut oil is poured from a bottle, this is simply handier than using a spoon to scoop it from the jar

Ensure you acquire one from a bottle rather than a jar

Third, ensure you obtain coconut oil which is in a clear container In this way, you can easily see if there are any impurities

Coconut oil is different from olive oil which gets destroyed by sunlight If the temperature is below 76º, the item starts to clump These clumps which are white are natural crystalline formations of saturated fats

Fourth, check the coconut oil brand All brands will promise you that they are the best Know the line of their products

And lastly, it is better and convenient if it is locally stocked

What does the following mean?

What is the meaning of it all?

Cold-pressed Cold pressed means that the coconut was not subject to heat to remove meat or extract the oil

The only method to acquire a lot from a cold-pressed procedure is to avoid heating the coconut over a particular threshold

Singapore’s coconut oil simply does not solidify

Expeller-pressed Coconut oils were extracted through chemical mechanical “physical refining” from copra No chemical solvents are used at any time during the process It is an alternative method of oil extraction to the hexane-extraction which is use for many conventional oils There is no external heat applied during the expeller pressing

Refined coconut oil Refers to coconut oil that has been bleached, and deodorized The oil is derived from dried coconut meat known as copra High heat is then used to deodorize the coconut oil to remove its distinctive odor and flavor To obtain the most oil, some brands use chemical solvents to extract as much oil as possible from the meat

Unrefined coconut oil Often referred to as "virgin" or "pure" coconut oil It is coconut oil extracted from fresh coconut meat rather than dried The fresh coconut meat undergoes one of two processes: wet milling or quick drying Due to the quick process, the resulting oil does not require bleaching or additives It also not exposed to high heat levels like its refined counterpart It retains the distinct flavor and odor of coconut

Coconut oil thrives under the sun and in fact, you require subjecting it to heat to turn it into liquid state Ensure the heat is more than 76º If you obtain the coconut oil in a bottle which is clear, you will be able to notice if sedimentation as well as dirt is present at the bottle’s base

Obtain coconut virgin oil from a professional There are many brands marketing coconut oil However, just a few brands are specialists in coconut oil Kindly check brands such as CocoNurture­â„¢

They provide a complete variety of coconut products which is simply awesome!

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