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African Mango Supplements Featured on Dr Oz: The Key to Weight Loss for People Over 40

Sometimes what happens to our bodies as we get older just does not seem fair Not only to extra pounds seem to pile on to our waistlines overnight but it also seems like it is next to impossible to lose this weight, especially when you want to wear your favorite dress or pair of slacks before the season ends

It seems like the strategy of a crash diet you used in your 20’s does not seem to work anymore and you wonder if you need to come to grips with being “just a bit plump” for the rest of your life Well, according to DrOben, J. Lipids in Health and Disease, 2008. Oz, you do not have to send that prized outfit to the consignment store because African Mango supplements can speed up your metabolism so you can lose those extra inches off your waistline quickly and easily

Dr Oz has referred supplements made from African mango extract as the “breakthrough weight loss fix for women over 40” These supplements appear help the body trap fat so the body can eliminate it Additionally, African Mango extract is loaded with B vitamins, which increase the body’s metabolism rate so your body can burn calories faster

Clinical studies have indicated people who take supplements containing 150 milligrams of African Mango extract twice a day lose an average of five to ten pounds within 30 days Moreover, the subjects in the study made no other adjustments to their diets or exercise regimes The clinical evidence provided in these studies support Dr Oz’s endorsement of African Mango supplements as the key to weight loss for people over 40

People approaching middle age also have concerns about their cholesterol and triglycerides The same studies demonstrating African Mango extract helps people lose weight also indicate this supplement is beneficial in reducing “bad” cholesterol as well as the level of triglycerides in the blood stream Clearly, this supplement recommended by Dr Oz has a multitude of benefits for anyone who is health conscious

When you go to buy African Mango supplements, make sure you are buying the product from a reputable retailer who stocks these supplements containing 100 percent pure African Mango extract Some of the poor quality supplements contain fillers or additives rendering the supplement ineffective or contain ingredients that leave you feeling on edge or jittery

The season is not going to wait Take Dr Oz’s recommendation and start a weight loss regimen including African Mango supplements today so you can look and feel great in your favorite clothes while enjoying the other health benefits these supplements offer