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# JavaScript 30

30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge

Build 30 things in 30 days with 30 tutorials

No Frameworks × No Compilers × No Libraries × No Boilerplate

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There is no formation without repetition

So, you've done a few courses and read a few books but still don't feel great about your relationship with JavaScript

How do you get better?

Build things Lots of things Build 1,000 things Keep it up and don't stop Seriously

This has always been my advice Just put in the work and you will get better

But Wes, what should I build? I have no ideas! Please don't make me do another todo app

Ideas, Eh? I've got lots! This is JavaScript30 — let's build 30 things together

Who is this For?

Beginner to Intermediate developers and designers who want to become comfortable with both JavaScript fundamentals and working in the DOM without a library

You should already know some JavaScript to start - This isn't a JavaScript 101 course We learn by application - encountering many new situations while talking about the hows, the whys and the whats that we use to solve them

We steer clear of opinionated design patterns, frameworks, libraries and any type of abstraction These things are great and often needed, but can obstruct learning and constrain initial understanding

These tutorials rely heavily upon browser APIs, most of which involve interaction with the page If you are stuck in consolelog() land, these videos are your next step Oh, the stuff we build is really fun!

Wes, How is this Free?

These videos are free as a thank-you to everyone who has supported my premium courses as well as because I believe in giving back to the community I see a huge need for these videos and I really think it will help many of you become comfortable creating with JavaScript

While I've spent over 300 hours on JavaScript30, enough people find they really click with my teaching style and continue their learning with one of my premium courses It all works out!

Hey, I'm Wes Bos

Hey — I'm Wes Bos I'm a Full Stack Developer, Speaker and Teacher from Canada I have taught over 500 students in 200+ classes and spoken at dozens of conferences around the world

I'm the guy behind React For Beginners, ES6 for Everyone, Learn Node and Sublime Text Power User which together have sold over 40,000 copies I'm also the author of JavaSCript30, LearnReduxcom, Flexboxio and Command Line Power User, a set of free video series Over 120,000 people have taken at least one of my free video courses!

30 Days × 30 Videos

Accessible and ESL friendly! Closed Captions are provided for every video Captions done by Speechpad

JavaScript Drum Kit

CSS + JS Clock

Playing with CSS Variables and JS

Array Cardio Day 1

Flex Panels Image Gallery

Ajax Type Ahead

Array Cardio Day 2

Fun with HTML5 Canvas

14 Must Know Dev Tools Tricks

Hold Shift to Check Multiple Checkboxes

Custom HTML5 Video Player

Key Sequence Detection (KONAMI CODE)

Slide In on Scroll

Object and Arrays - Reference VS Copy

LocalStorage and Event Delegation

CSS Text Shadow Mouse Move Effect

Sorting Band Names without articles

Tally String Times with Reduce

Unreal Webcam Fun

Native Speech Recognition

Geolocation based Speedometer and Compass

Follow Along Links

Speech Synthesis

Sticky Nav

Event Capture, Propagation, Bubbling and Once

Stripe Follow Along Dropdown

Click and Drag to Scroll

Video Speed Controller UI

Countdown Clock

Whack A Mole Game

What font / color scheme / editor / terminal is that?

I answer everything over at wesboscom/uses Feel free to tweet me any more questions!

I have a question, can I email you?

While I'd absolutely love to help everyone out, there are 139,548 people taking this course I hope to get a forum setup sometime soon If you are a member of one of my premium classes, you can jump into the #JavaScript30 room in our Slack channel

I found another way! Could it be?!

Yes! There are probably 100 different ways to solve each of these exercises, if your answer doesn't line up with mine, it means you did a really good job at trying to figure it out yourself My answers are by no means the best answers - just a single way of doing itAlmost Done youll get a confirmation email any minute now. Instead of emailing me - write a blog post about how you did it Share what you know!

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Log into your account, or create an account with the same email you used to get the series

Can I host a meetup / study group? Can I stream these in my classroom? Can I arrange a playing?

Yep yep yep - as long as you do not redistribute the videos you are welcome and encouraged to do this

Can I re-distribute these and then charge money for them?

I can't believe I have to make this a FAQ No, you silly goose

I found a typo or errata

If it's a typo on the site, please shoot me an email here If it's a correction in the code, you can submit those via GitHub! Please see the above FAQ if you found a better way

What is that GNARLY AF tune at the start? ⛓🎸🤘

You say JavaScript funny

um, I think you mean I say it the correct way! eh?